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9th October 2021 Saturday 1pm

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Specially for all of leo's clients who are university students and young adults

Discover How You Can Face Your Failures Head-on, overcome them And achieve your personal ambitions with resilience

Join our FREE workshop to rise above every stressful school life challenges and develop resilience
Attention To: All University Students!

Discover How You Can Face Your Failures Head-On, Overcome Them And Achieve Your Personal Ambitions With Resilience

Join Our FREE Workshop To Rise Above Every Stressful School Life Challenges And Develop Resilience

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What You'll Learn In This Exclusive 2 Hour Online Class:

Reframe your perspective

Discover how you can learn from your failures so you can develop a more positive outlook

Reclaim your control

Learn The Effective Tools To Reduce Emotional Charges And Respond (Not React) To Stressors. And how to develop a “growth” mindset so you can control your stressful situation  

Regain your confidence

Learn how you can Identify And Restructure Unhealthy Beliefs and build your self-esteem so can you have the capability and confidence to overcome your challenges

Request for support

Learn how to build a supportive network so you can have people to support you in all your struggles
Hi there, I’m Kevin. I'm a trainer, social entrepreneur, and the founder of Rebound with Resilience. I have made it my mission to inspire resilience through personal stories and raise awareness of mental health issues among young adults. 

You see, like you, I have experienced a lot of stressful challenges while growing up. Like you, I had experienced low self-esteem and failures. 

As students, we face stress from expectation, relationships, and uncertainty of future careers. In our bid for “more”, we might compromise our health and face burnouts. 

Yet, in our culture where we need to produce to live, how can we balance ambition and mental health? How can we strive sustainably?

That’s why I spent years researching, reading, writing and producing content and programmes geared around resilience, adaptability and mental wellness.

This workshop is designed to help you find the balance.

So, join me in my FREE Live Workshop so that like me, you can be resilient yourself!

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What others are saying about Kevin

“I really enjoyed the speaker’s style and his ability to connect to the audience. I feel that
he was very genuine and sincere which made the content much easier and more
enjoyable to learn. To be honest, this was one of the best talks in our 3 years in RI" ~ Student from RI
“I think one thing that distinguishes you from all the other trainers I have met, is that
you’re willing to give a part of yourself to the students you teach. And that touches our
hearts.” ~ Student from SOTA
"Appropriate content, experienced facilitators and you get a cohort of engaged learners.
You can trust Kevin and his passionate and dedicated team to customize a programme
to suit your needs. Ours themed on Team Resilience and the objective was met.
Thank you Rebound with Resilience!” ~ Mr Heng Weijie, Lvl Hd of Saint Anthony Cannosians

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